About Us

About Us

RMA is an International music school in London which provides music education of exceptional quality to children and young people from wide social and financial backgrounds, predominantly living in the Greater London area. We also have an online platform for those wishing to benefit from our programmes by way of remote learning, if they live in other parts of the UK or abroad.

Our teaching is based on the legendary Russian/Eastern European pedagogical tradition which has been proving its excellence for over 150 years by nurturing up a myriad of outstanding, world famous musicians. We have also incorporated the best of the Western European musical tradition and, in particular, various UK music syllabuses in our programmes.

We believe that music is a way of life and offer a broad music programme to our pupils from their first days at the school, as well as numerous concert opportunities and other ways to share their music with each other. Our programmes include two instrumental lessons a week for their first study instrument, solfeggio, music theory, composition, music history, chamber music, conducting and choral training. Those wishing to play two or more instruments get additional weekly instrumental lessons. You can read more about our programmes here.

Performing in public is an intrinsic part of Russian musical training. It is well known that a piece of music is never mastered until/unless it has been performed in public preferably more than once. To benefit from public performances, one needs to feel confident and comfortable on stage. This is why we introduce our pupils to public performances as early as possible (sometimes as early as at the age of 3), so that they get used to performing in public and sharing their music with others in a natural way, being immersed into the world of music and becoming part of a big musical family. Please read more about our concerts here.

RMA is a registered charity and strives to provide music education to all children wishing to study music.

Please see the information on how we can help with the fees here.

Our Charitable Projects

Free classical music concerts

We provide opportunities for children from all backgrounds to hear live performances of classical music by way of our end of term concerts, which are free for all children. In addition, children have free entry to the recitals given at St Mark's Church by our talented young professional musicians and professional musicians of high standing.

Joint charitable projects

We participate in joint charity concerts and events organised in collaboration with partner organisations. Both our pupils and our teachers enjoy playing in these fundraising concerts and events, considering it integral to being a member of the RMA family.

In the past few years we have taken part in the following concerts and events:

  • Fundraiser for Chance for Life for life-saving heart operations for children in Russia
  • Family Fundraiser in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Fundraising concert for Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Concert in aid of Friends of the Belarusian Children's Hospital, Minsk
  • Concert in support of the British Emunah Fund - working with at risk children in Israel
  • Special event to commemorate the WWI
  • Collaboration with the London Russian Ballet School at Cadogan Hall, for less well off children to experience live music and dance