Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition

Zach Brandman (13) won the title of Distinguished British Musician in the Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition. He took part in the Prizewinners concert at the Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall.

Danielle Lee (12)- First Prize in Piano class (11- 14), Watford Festival
Alexandra Nemodruk (12) and Danielle Lee (12) - First Prize, Piano duet class, Watford Festival

Jacques Samuel Pianos Festival (June 2015)

Zach Brandman - winner of the Senior Section
Shaunak Desai - Commended in the Senior Section
Scarlett Brandman - Commended in the Intermediate Section

North London Festival (April-May 2015)

Alessandro D'Orazio - winner of the Romantic class
Zach Brandman - second prize in the Romantic Class
Shaunak Desai - third prize in the Romantic Class
Elizabeth Kandelaki - Commended in the Romantic Class
Sasha Antonova - winner in the Sonatina Class
Jemil Khanov - winner of Repertoire (7 & 8 year) Class

Jacques Samuel Pianos Festival (March 2015)

Sasha Antonova - winner of the Junior Section

Emunah Young Musician 2015

Alessandro D'Orazio - Runner up in The Emunah 2015
Alessandro D'Orazio and Zach Brandman - among Showcase Concert Finalists

Elizabeth Kandelaki, Alessandro D'Orazio, Nicolas Veal-Baschwitz, Masha Vassylieva